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Friday, September 30, 2005

Apple iTunes downloads to reach 1 BILLION by April 2006.

Using Apple's own PR Library I was able to reconstruct the historical performance of the iTunes music store since it's inception. The following graph depicts the growth curve for iTunes downloads, based on Apples own press releases (and interpolation between dates.)

iTunes Downloads Graph

The pinkish-purple portion of the graph is my conservative estimate of the continued growth of the downloads. (As long as the record industry doesn't pull the plug on Apple.) Based on these estimates, Apple should hit the One Billionth (with a 'B') download in late April 2006.

With the record companies collecting 70 cents for each download, they would have to be completely brain dead to turn off a $500,000,000/year spigot.

Interesting graph.

You make a point but never underestimate how brain dead the music industry is.
The record label execs really are braindead. They are only concerned with profits today and not about their clients (the artists) or the consumer (the fans).

Hopefully all the negative feedback regarding them pulling the plug will be heard and they'll relax. I don't know one person who thinks its a winner idea.

Meanwhile, on topic, the graph is nice. Be sure to update it as new PR numbers are released.

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